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Welcome to ComputerFields

ComputerFields Technology Limited is a wholly indigenous Technology service and consulting firm, registered in Nigeria to provide Information Communication Technology Solutions. We have a unique and fundamentally different way of looking at the challenges of the global technology, we cannot stress enough how purchasing good equipment significantly bolsters Information Technology formation of a company. We have also discovered that many manufacturers are very capable in one area and somewhat "uninspiring" in others.

We at ComputerFields believe that Information Technology formation in an organization started with engineering to networking follow down to security in line with data management and your presence on the global network - Internet, so we may recommend several vendors for one project and be assured that our recommendations are based on our many years of experience. The technology industry has developed at an unprecedented rate so ComputerFields has been there to embrace, learn, and implement the new technologies that will help your company prosper and grow technically, Our objectives are to continue to install and support proven and reliable technologies.

Experience has taught ComputerFields a great and important lesson: it is worth paying a little more for the right product the first time, Clearly the cost of rebuilding and re-engineering a second time is very high and can result in days (or more) of lost business.
We truly believe that there is no replacement for experience and a work environment that fosters collaborative learning.